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How will the Tiverton Casino gamble play out?

The company plans to scrap everything and create a new mix of retail, restaurants, office space and a hotel on the site. But those plans are still being worked out. In a statement, CEO and Chairman Alfred Carpionato says, “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to creatively reimagine this signature property as the gateway into Newport.” Should the developer’s dream come true, perhaps this fallout from all the casino drama is a silver lining, an inadvertent benefit, for those on both sides of the gambling issue. “If you were philosophically opposed to gaming and casinos,” says Doyle, arguing for the casino side, “there’s no way that you’ll agree to it now. We can’t persuade those with anti-casino feeling to have a different perspective.” True enough. The gambling issue has been debated for decades with both sides now firmly entrenched. In Tiverton, a town of just 16,000, there was considerable opposition. A few groups, like No Tiverton Casino and Stop Predatory Gambling, had strong aversion to the casino but weak funding and thus not enough influence to compete against Twin River’s deep pockets and sway of public opinion. But much of the research in the public domain making the case against gambling is persuasive and on their side. According to a landmark report from the Institute for American Values, a non-partisan think tank, “local and regional casinos drain wealth from communities, weaken nearby businesses, hurt property values, and reduce civic participation, family stability, and other forms of social capital that are at the heart of a successful community.” The report explains that regional casinos, like the one in Tiverton, are completely different from the resort casinos in Las Vegas. “They are often located in economically struggling communities and draw from working and middle class populations.

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